• Elected Officers 2023

    Christ Community United Methodist Church

    Hummel’s Wharf Charge

    Report of the Committee on Nominations and Leadership

    Development 2023 Administrative Council 

    The size of the Council is set by the Charge Conference.

    Only members of the congregation are able to vote.


    Chairperson Steven Rauch, (elected annually) Secretary/Treasurer Pamela Eister,

    Staff Financial Secretary Charles Smeltz

    Lay Leader and Lay Member of Annual Conference Anne Carter

    Staff-Parish Relations Chair Todd Troxell

    Finance Committee Chair Pam Wolfe

    Board of Trustees Marty Sickle

    United Women of Faith President Jill Nace

    Busy Bee Chair Interim - Margie Kremer Funeral Committee Chair Brenda Pehowic 

    Missions Chair Angela Lash

    Scholarship Committee Chair Debbie Bingaman

    Lay Member to Annual Conference John Kremer

    Worship Chair Janice Castrignano Director of Children and Youth Ministries

    Mitch Bless, Staff Director of Music Elizabeth Stevenson, Staff Member at

    Large Gloria Dalius

    Preschool Director Jayme Knouse, (voice only) Pastor Rev. Eric Shafer


    As part of this motion, The Church Conference authorizes The Administrative Council to fill any committee vacancies for the 2023 calendar year until the next regularly called Church or Charge Conference.

    Members of the 2023 Board of Trustees (by class)


    The Trustees shall have at least three, but no more than nine members. One new class is elected each year, provided that nothing prevents the election of a Trustee to self-succession.

    It is recommended that at least 1/3 be women, 1/3 be men, and 2/3 must be professing members.


    NAME                             CLASS 

    Marty Sickle 2023

    Michael Savidge 2023

    Ken Carroll 2023

    Judy Steinbacher 2024

    Doreen Weiser 2024

    Rich Pehowic 2024

    Alan Heintzelman 2025

    Tim Wolfe 2025

    Keith Nace 2025

    A chairperson, vice-chair, and secretary will be elected by the Trustees by January 30, 2023.

    2023 Lay Leader (elected annually) 

    Anne Carter

    2023 Lay Members of Annual Conference (elected annually) 

    We are allowed 2 Lay Members because we have over 400 professing members.


    First Lay Member – Anne Carter Second Lay Member – John Kremer

    First Lay Member Alternate – Jim Garges Second Lay Member Alternate – Brenda Reinard



    Members of the 2023 S.P.R.C. (by class) 

    (S.P.R.C. means Staff Parish Relations Committee, which cares for paid employees.) The SPRC shall have at least five, but no more than nine members, including one young adult, plus the Lay Leader and a Lay Member of Annual Conference. One class is elected each year and members may succeed themselves one three-year term.


    NAME                            CLASS 

    Anne Carter Lay Leader and Lay Member of Annual Conference

    Jennifer Bucher 2023

    Joy Hoke 2023

    Todd Troxell, Chair 2024

    Melanie Garrison 2024

    Mark Reinard 2025

    Dwight Walter 2025


    Members of the 2023 Committee on Finance


    Rev. Eric Shafer

    Pam Wolfe, Chair (elected annually)

    Chuck Smeltz, Financial Secretary (elected annually)

    Pamela Eister, Treasurer (employee without vote)

    Marysue Walter, Secretary (elected annually)

    Anne Carter, Lay Leader and Lay Member of Annual Conference

    Steven Rauch, Chair of Ad. Council (elected annually)

    Todd Troxell, Chair of SPRC or a representative

    Trustee Member-at-Large (selected annually by Trustees)

    Stephanie Rauch, Member-at-Large (elected annually)

    Cathy Engle, Member-at-Large (elected annually)

    Members of the 2023 Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development 

    The Appointed Elder is the Committee Chair per The Book of Discipline. A layperson elected by the committee shall serve as the vice-chair. At least one young adult shall serve as a member. Retiring members shall not succeed themselves. Only one person from an immediate family residing in the same household shall serve on the committee. The Chair will recognize an alternate committee member to stand-in for committee Chairpersons.


    POSITION                            NAME                       CLASS 

    Elder/Chair Rev. Eric Shafer

    Lay Leader Anne Carter

    U.W.F. President Jill Nace 2023

    Member at Large Heidi Carroll 2023

    Chair of Trustees Marty Sickle 2023

    Chair of SPRC Todd Troxell 2024

    Member-at-Large Dick Prince 2024 

    Member-at-Large Ann Garges 2024

    Member-at-Large Sue Treas 2025

    Member-at-Large Cathy Engle 2025

    Finance Representative Stephanie Rauch 2025 


    Worship Committee Chair (elected annually)- Janice Castrignano

    Missions Committee Chair (elected annually)- Angela Lash

    Safe Sanctuaries Coordinator (elected annually)- Sabrina Sickle

    Information Technology Coordinators (elected every three years) 

    Alan Heintzelman, Chair 2024 Tyler Wolfe, Vice Chair 2024