• Susquehanna Valley Preschool

    Education With Enthusiasm


    The oldest preschool in the area, Susquehanna Valley Preschool has been in operation for more than 49 years! Susquehanna Valley 'Nursery School' was started by a group of mothers who wanted to provide an opportunity for their children to interact with other children. It began with a class of 20 and has grown to an enrollment of 75 students and three classes. Valley has changed its name to Susquehanna Valley Preschool to better reflect our emphasis on education with enthusiasm, which is our mission.


    Just as when Valley began, we are concerned with the growth of the individual child. We provide for physical, social, emotional, creative and intellectual growth. The founders believed that children should be positively attracted to learning experiences. We at Susquehanna Valley Preschool feel that is we fill a child with these positive feelings, we have accomplished a great task.


    It is our belief that enthusiasm for learning begins early in a child's life. We at Susquehanna Valley Preschool strive to make the first learning experience an enjoyable and positive one.


    Our goal is to provide a strong educational foundation upon which to build your child's future.


    Susquehanna Valley Preschool offers a structured and enjoyable educational experience which makes learning fun and exciting. Blocks of time are set up for a variety of learning opportunities. The classroom is set up to have different stations, each set up for different activities and styles of learning. Susquehanna Valley Preschool's "work and play" activities include stories, group lessons, arts and crafts, fine and gross motor skills, as well as free play. We have a wonderful safe and secure playground for our students.


    Themed less introduce students to geography through studying other cultures, science through exciting experiments, language arts through sharing time, basic concepts in math through numbers and counting and much, much more.


    Children are treated to special guests and visitors from the community throughout the year, such as the GERM City, a fire company, and local farming families.


    Three Day: Butterflies

    Monday, Wednesday & Friday


    Tuition is $125 a month


    Two Day: Caterpillars

    Tuesday & Thursday


    Tuition is $100 a month


    All programs run September through May and are designed for preschool children 3-5 years of age. In many ways, the two day program is similar to the three day program. However the two day is geared for the younger child while the three day is geared for kindergarten readiness.