• Men's Ministry

    This group of men meets throughout the year to grow in their faith through study and friendship. Each gathering includes time for fellowship, Bible teaching, small group discussion, and prayer. Made up of men of all ages, this group is committed to supporting one another in the daily journey of faith and life.


    This group meets on Thursdays 6:30 pm.

    Our Mission

    • Make disciples for Jesus Christ to transform the world
    • Uphold and spread the true meaning of God's word
    • To serve others; to love others; to reach out to others

    Our Vision

    • Finding and fulfilling our purpose in life
    • Show the world what a free and forgiven person looks and acts like

    Our Purpose

    • To study
    • To teach
    • To pray
    • To share with others that knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ

    Contact Info

    If interested in being part of the Men's Ministry please contact John Kremer at 570-850-6855